Lida Kazantzaki, Art Critic, for the macro-micro-cosmos exhibition, “The Painter of the Month”, AVGI Newspaper

The “October painter” is Denny Theocharakis. She was born in Athens where she lives and works. She is a graduate of the Economics Department of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds a Master's degree in Business Administration at the Stern Business School of the University of New York.

She is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts (2006-2011), where she studied painting with Jannis Psychopedis and photography with Manolis Baboussis.

She has participated in group exhibitions, such as the 20th Photo-Biennale of Thessaloniki (2008), the Athens Photo Festival, 28 students of the School of Fine Arts (A.S.K.T), in the Theater of Photography of ASKT of Athens (2008), the exhibition of the Painting Workshop of ASKT of Athens, "Excursions-Memories from Present", at the House of Cyprus (2010), "The 6th Vienna of Students of Fine Arts of Greece", at the “National Bank, Cultural Foundation”, Menandrou Building, Athens (2011).

Denny Theocharakis’ artistic world is composed of pulsating and multi-layered images. She pens them in black and colored inks, as well as pencil, mainly on the absorbent and fragile surface of rice paper. Its texture allows her to constantly transform her painting space, into drought-prone land, into a monochrome cloth with folds, on an airy background. There she places her forms in the language of expressionism.

Her floating cities, sculptured on rocks, resemble the monasteries or caves of Eastern Christians, becoming alive through the rocky shapes and openings of the houses that make them up.

With their deformation, they remind the faces of the 19th-century Belgian artist, pioneer of the expressionism James Ensor. These are ghostly houses, scared, sad, confused, and abandoned with agonizing screams. They create thousands of ties to the desertion of the urban landscape and its people, as well as the draughty who haunt the dreams the dreams and cartoon-movies.

The eroded figures of her trees and rocks look a lot like the erratic and explosive forms of the 20th century Viennese expressionist Oscar Kokoschka.

The elasticity of their structure, comprises many and different types of the animal and plant kingdom, giving them their own organic and complex entity.

Simultaneously, the penetrating dynamism of their lines give us the aesthesis that they are moving and spinning, come close to each other, rejecting one another or even converse to one another.

Denny Theocharakis' artistic world is compiled of images drawn from nature, depicting abstract black and white tone or colored smudges with a strong and expressive dynamic language infiltrating into the forms, degrading, rebuilding and inspiring them with human characteristics and emotions, exposing to us the essence of life.